Bell Structural Solutions (BSS) is a division within Alamco Wood Products, LLC (Alamco). We specialize in custom glued laminated wood desking and heavy timber manufacturing. Services included are engineering/shop drawings, pre-fabrication, factory finishing and installation subcontracting. Alamco is a fully owned subsidiary of Bell Lumber & Pole Company (BLP) and is located in Albert Lea, MN. BLP purchased Alamco in 2009 and created BSS to assist Alamco with commerical and timber bridge projects. BLP is a 110 year, 4th generation family owned company. Alamco has been manufacturing custom glulam and heavy timber projects on the same Albert Lea, MN land since 1938.

Our team of sales advisors work with our customers to explore the most effective solution(s) and our manufacturing facilities in most cases can deliver the product enabling the highest value products at competitive prices.

Contact our sales advisors for more information about Bell Structural Solutions in Wood & Steel or visit www.bellstructural.com for more information about Bell Structural Solutions products.