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Building a resource library

Building with laminated wood has been done for decades. Bell Structural Solutions is committed to building a resource library to help make that process easier for modern architects and engineers. The following technical documnents and brochures are useful tools based on the AITC Glulam standards group.

Please contact us at (877) 633-4334 for other resources concerning glu-laminated construction or design values.


Document Title File
1263 White Finger Joint Glue MSDS Download
AITC 108-93 Heavy Timber Construction Download
AITC 110-2001 Appearence Grades Download
AITC 112-93 Roof Decking Download
ANSI-117-2010 Download
ANSI A190.1-2017 Download
APA Accredited-2019 Download
AWPA Commodity Specification F, Glulams, 2018 Download
A New Look at Modern Timber Bridges Download
Carbon, fossil fuel, and biodiversity mitigation with wood and forests Download
FSII Testing Download
Flame Stop II Download
Glulam Beam Design Tables Download
Glulam Layup Combinations Download
Glulam Superior Fire Resistance Download
Inspection of Timber Bridges in the Pacific West Download
Laminated Deck Flyer, 2014 IBS show 013014A Download
Laminated Decking Product Data Download
Lumber, NDS, American Wood Council Download
MSDS Borate Treated Wood Download
PCP.C .3 MSDS Download
Peridium Color Card for powder coating steel Download
Red Glue, Face Bond Glue 5212 MSDS Download
Red Glue Hardener Cascoset 6210 MSDS Download
Rustolium Clear Sealer SDS Download
SFI Green Building, April 2016 Download
SFI v FSC Download
SuperDeck Clear Sealer Product Description Sheet Download
SuperDeck Clear Sealer SDS Download
SuperDeck Product Information, Oil, Stain. MSDS Download
T and G Wood Decking, American Wood Council Download
Timber Preservation Download
USGBCs LEED Wood ACP release 040616 FINAL CLEAN Download
White Finger Joint Glue M318 Hardener Download
White Glue Face Bond 9563 MSDS Download
White Glue finger joint MF2L Download
Wood Decking Product Description Download
Y117 Download