Coastal Douglas Fir

Proven Reliability 

Douglas Fir has a long history of safe and dependable use as utility poles. Approved by ANSI, CSA, and REA for use as poles, it is the species of choice for many investor owned utilities and REC's throughout North America.

State-of-the-Art Wood Preservation
Bell Lumber & Pole uses a pressure treating system for Douglas Fir using pentachlorophenol, a naturally biodegradable oil-based preservative which repels water, improves dimensional stability, and reduces checking and splitting. Douglas Fir penta poles and house logs are clean-surfaced and not subject to fastener corrosion. Our process plant uses a closed-loop containment facility, ensuring an environment-friendly operation, recognized by the EPA as a model facility.

Certified Quality Control
In addition to Bell Lumber & Pole's stringent quality control process throughout the manufacturing process, our plant is certified by the Wood Quality Control (WQC) inspection program.