Trusted wood experts and stewards of the environment.

Since 1909, the Bell family has been committed to taking care of customers, the environment and the communities we serve.

In the past decade, we’ve made over 800 charitable donations—from providing international humanitarian aid and combatting global injustice, to supporting local community charities, to helping individuals facing hardships. Strategically advancing the greater good is the heart and motivation behind our work.

Radically Love

Our mission is to radically love and influence lives.


We’re stewards of the talents and resources God has given and strive to multiply them for common good.

Help Others Thrive

We help communities and individuals flourish, through our customers, suppliers, employees and those served by our charity partners.

“Built on over 110 years of service, our mission is to radically love and influence lives.”

Tom Bell
President & CEO

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Join us in our mission to deliver high quality wood products, while being stewards of the environment and helping others thrive.

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